Friday, January 9, 2009

How To Raise Self Esteem

To be able to raise self esteem, you must first lack it or suffer from low self esteem. The first thing to do is to try self esteem tests and see if you have low self esteem or have it already. These tests can be done by yourself, just by answering questions honestly. Do not get disheartened by the fact that you might have low self esteem because there are ways to raise self esteem. Actually, even those who have a healthy level of self esteem can benefit from enhancing their self esteem. In order to raise self esteem, you need to be able to recognize the lack of or the decline of it in your life.

You Are Worth It

One way to raise self esteem is to realize that the way you regard yourself is a factor to your self esteem. Self-respect will initiate respect from others as well as improve your overall self worth. Feeling good about yourself usually starts with how your regard yourself. If you are physically healthy and fit, you will be confident. In order to raise self esteem, you need to feel good about your state of health. Taking care of yourself means you do not abuse your body by eating unhealthy foods or practicing unhealthy habits like sleeping late or fewer hours.

Exercising is another way to raise self esteem. Not only will exercising improve the overall appearance of your body but it will also improve the functions of your body. Better circulation helps to make your skin glow as well as get rid of toxins in the body. Exercising also increases the energy level of your body, giving you more energy to participate in school extracurricular activities and mingling with others.

Taking pains to dress appropriately and choosing the right kinds of clothes can also help to raise self esteem. Projecting a clean image as well as a competent one (not disorganized) can help gain respect from people as well as give you boost in confidence. You do not need expensive clothes, just neat and well fitting clothes.

Having a positive outlook in life can raise self esteem. Worrying too much about the small things can greatly affect your self esteem. Over criticizing yourself or berating yourself about things that have gone wrong can tax your self esteem. Try to take things easy once in a while and not have such great expectations of yourself.

The drive to raise self esteem must come from you and no one else. You need to be the one to realize that you have low self esteem and that you need to improve it.

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